About Us

Who We Are

HotCocoa Interiors & Design was born out of a passion and love for architecture, design and décor. Each member of our team possesses an overwhelming desire to create something unique and provide a transformative experience for our clients. We achieve this by creating spaces with warmth, soul, and personality.

Our team covers everything from your space’s architecture, to its interiors and furniture, to minute details that other company’s tend to overlook. Our aim is to create a space that you can live, love, and lounge in! Our designs are detail-orientated, and easily adaptable to your unique tastes and particulars. The concepts are personal in character, and made-up of a variety of textures, clean lines and simplicity that all combine to create a feeling of balance that is distinctly modern.

We Push Boundaries

We create spaces with warmth, soul and personality. We deliver architecture, interiors and furniture that our clients love, live in easily and are proud of... We have passion to be perfect, to do better and better with each project we complete.

Our team works with a variety of design concepts, one of them being lighting in contemporary spaces, not only because we believe it to be important, but because we believe it creates a sort of magic that no space is complete without. In addition to this, we make custom-made furniture, make use of specialised window treatments, curate art installations personally, and fully furnish your home or space. Each aspect of our design has a personal touch that is born out of our personal experiences. Our joinery design of kitchens and bathrooms is special and distinctive for example because our team’s shared love of food and travel.

Our Team

Our team is led by Dawn Dickerson and Carmel Naudé and we are both involved in every detail of the design, building, and furnishing of your space. Our design studio was born in 2002 and we have since become one of the top architecture, interior design and décor firms in Cape Town and South Africa. We have a multidisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, and furniture and décor designers that work together to create luxurious, seamlessly designed homes to ensure the best use of space for our clients’ needs.

Our Story

Our team at HotCocoa Interiors & Design is made up of architects, and interior and decor designers that provide you with a full turnkey service. Each one of us has a passion for beautiful spaces filled with warmth, soul and personality, that our clients love to live in and can feel proud of.

The spaces we create are filled with character and light, are balanced with texture and clean lines, and contain layers of meaning and simplicity that together create a rich and distinctively modern look.

We bring you design concepts and ideas that we have the ability to seamlessly actualise and develop into built spaces. At the end of this process, your space will be complete with unique furniture, curated art and décor that our expert team has specifically sourced or designed for you. We manage the transformation of your space at every stage from obtaining supplier quotes, to producing technical documentation, to managing the entire construction process.

Our team ensures great attention to detail, professionalism, and a constantly evolving level of creativity on your space, whether it be your home, luxury hotel, exclusive entertainment or retail space. HotCocoa takes on each project with passion that is moulded into concepts from our studio in Cape Town. However, we are always prepared for adventure and will travel throughout South Africa or abroad to create a seemingly effortlessly designed space that beautifully reflects your lifestyle.

The HotCocoa Team